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Misfit to Millionaire

Feb 7, 2018

Discover if this is the right show for you. I go over everything I plan on covering in the coming episodes and the format you can expect this show to take.

You'll find out why I named it Misfit to Millionaire and whether I think you should be motivated by money.  

I'll explain the 4 P's in Prosperity and how I'm going to help you:

  1. Discover your purpose
  2. Grow your platform
  3. Increase your productivity
  4. Tap into your psyche

I believe people like us, the misfits of the world, are uniquely gifted to bring the greatest innovations to a world hungry for what we have to offer.

Just because you may have been made to feel like a failure most of your life doesn't mean you don't have anything of value to offer, in fact, it's quite the opposite.  

Find out how in this episode.